Beginner Lessons

Beginner Driving Lessons in Derby are exactly what you need if you have very little driving experience or indeed you have never driven before. So what happens on beginner lessons? And what should you expect?

The final result has to be a great driving lesson, so let’s take a look and what goes into that.
First of all the driving instructor ought to contact you before the day of the lesson to confirm the time and location of meeting you, then on the morning of the lesson some instructors will send you a text message to re confirm.

When you meet the instructor for the first time, he or she will be driving and you will be the passenger as they drive you to a different location, free from traffic and other road users because you want a really easy start to your lessons.

Very soon you will change seats and you will be shown the main controls of the car, how to position your seat and adjust your mirrors correctly. The seat and mirror positioning is an easy task but really important.

Very shortly you will start the first skill which is called moving off and stopping. It seems all simple on paper but there is quite a lot to take in, learn and remember on every lesson. You will be expected to do this on every lesson without support, so listen, ask questions and get it right.

At the end of the lesson you will have been driving and feeling excited about the start of your new journey and ready to book your next lesson.