Female Instructors

Female driving instructors in Derby are quite hard to find because only about 20% of all instructors are female and the good ones are always booked up, but why choose a man over a woman? Some people have said women are more patient, but on the same logic you could argue men are better drivers. The real question you need to ask is, is this the right instructor for me?

While female driving instructors in Derby are generally very good that is not dictated by their gender, it’s governed by how good they are at teaching people to drive.

The DVSA make sure all driving instructors are graded, so if you contact a female driving school in Derby make sure to ask for their grade, when they were graded and what training they have taken since their last grade.

Asking about the driving instructors grade is not an accurate way of defining if they are the right driving instructor for you but it’s one of the best guides you can get and perhaps better than testimonials. Driving schools websites in Derby have tonnes of testimonials, but they are always from people who have passed their test. However if you happen to be located in the South West of the country you might want to try the friendly female driving school based in Swindon Driving Genie run by Vikki, a top school with lots of experience.

When you contact the driving school always listen, by listening you will learn more. If you are offered a block book driving lesson, say 5 or 10 lessons, don’t take it. And in fact stay clear of the driving school. You only want to take just one lesson so you can try them out. Personality and getting along with the person counts for a lot when you are learning, imagine being stuck in a car on a lesson and in traffic with someone you don’t like, you are not going to learn much are you.

So just book a single driving lesson and see how it goes. If you were unsure, try another driving school, you are not committed or joined at the hip!